Webinar on 8 th September to spread awareness on this world physiotherpy day

We Organized a Webinar on 8 th September to spread awareness on this #worldphysiotherpyday on the subject " The role of physiotherapists and rehabilitation in the treatment and management of people affected by Long COVID " on Janitri's Platform.

  • Dr.Apurba Kr. Borah , HOD, NH Guwahati

  • Mr Bijoy MG ,M D,Unarv Telemedicine

  • Dr Pallabi Goswami (PT)Principal ,PEWS Group of Institutions

  • Ms. Rumi Borah , Janitri Team

  • Dr.Shakti Mishra (PT),Janitri Team

World Physiotherapy Day is marked as an historical event to celebrate the importance of Physical Therapy in the society.

Physiotherapists work as a backbone for the people and community as a whole to help them in difficult times. Physiotherapists have contributed in saving lives of many covid patients during this pandemic situation.

Techniques like -

*Chest physiotherapy

*Cardiopulmonary assessments

*Teleconsultations are used by physiotherapists to improve the condition of the covid patients .

Some home based exercises like

 Blowing of candle and balloon,

 Posture correction by using any stick or rod

 Simple breathing exercises like wall support with inhalation and exhalation techniques

 Can be used for home quarantine patients.

 Mobility exercises like shoulder rotation, active movements of all joints can be performed.

 Postural drainage techniques by using pillows can be done by the home quarantine patients.

Some important toolkits by physiotherapists for the patients-

*Oxymeter ( to check the oxygen level)

* spirometer ( to improve Lung capacity n endurance)

* Therabands ( to improve muscle strength during recovery phase)

* weight cuffs ( for resistive exercises)

Rehabilitation to Telerehabilitation – Bijoy MG (Unarv Telemedicine)

Its now time for a paradigm shift from Rehabilitation to Tele Rehabilitation. Telemedicine started in India around two decades ago. ISRO introduced Telemedicine across India by providing Sattelite connectivity and Hardware with Software connected medical devices.For the promotion and research support Telemedicine Society of India also formed .

In this Pandemic all the systems were at a frozen stage then Telemedicine started working as a protection shield for the patients and Healthcare providers. Patients benefitted by availing Healthcare from the comfort of sitting at home.

Rehabilitation services at a minimal level started using the possibilities of Telemedicine. Many Online awareness programs took place, Also basic Online Physiotherapy consultations took place ,which was really prevented the spreaRehabilitation d of covid and also helpful for the patient and Physiotherapist. Online Speech therapy education sessions for the school children found to be very effective.

How do we start a Telerehabilitation services ? With a basic smart phone / a computer with webcam with Internet connection can be used for Telerehabilitation services

Advancements like AI integrated Apps embedded with videoconference for the home physiotherapy needs is a revolutionary concept which has got the future ..

For refference


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Janitri has successfully conducted the webinar on World Physiotherapy Day to spread awareness about the profession and its implications on every life

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