I practice kindness all the while and it's an absolutely amazing experience each time.The fact that l am able to make some one else happy by being kind is something that gives me an amazing sense of accomplishment and raises my happiness quotient.

🌎World Kindness Day

It was a casual conversation with Rumi Borah which got me aware about the World Kindness Day

So, let me start by understanding the word kindness , it means the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate.

Now, if I ask you how often are you kind to not only yourself but others, what would be your answer🤔🤔🤔

I hope that you have a positive answer to this question.

Another thing that I wonder, is that what is the whole reason for celebrating "World 🌍 Kindness Day".🤔🤔🤔

So l took to google to get this answer

"World Kindness Day is a global day that promotes the importance of being kind to each other, to yourself, and to the world. The purpose of this day, celebrated on November 13 of each year, is to help everyone understand that compassion for others is what binds us all together."

One can be kind by doing simple acts in daily life and it need not be something big.If you have a genuine intention of being kind and being compassionate, you will have all the ways to practise the same.

I believe a simple act of smiling is the biggest act of kindness and can do wonders.Another act of kindness would be when we give compliments or appreciate others from our ❤️.To be kind , all you need is a desire to make other person happy.

I practice kindness all the while and it's an absolutely amazing experience each time.The fact that l am able to make some one else happy by being kind is something that gives me an amazing sense of accomplishment and raises my happiness quotient.

If you are someone,who looks for facts before practising anything, let me give you a scientific basis for the same.Our body releases a chemical called dopamine when we make others happy.If you are kind to others, this chemical is released, so ultimately your own happiness quotient rises.

So, how about making it a habit?🤔😇🤔

I would like to end by sharing a beautiful story which was a post on linkedin by Harinder Singh and shared by Vinoth Kumar Devadoss

"Once an old man and a girl got into a bus for a long journey🙂🙂🙂.There was only one seat remaining in the bus

Old Man :l don't have a ticket

Girl:Neither do l have

Old Man : You may take the seat

Girl:No, Uncle , l am Young , you please go ahead and sit comfortably

Old Man : Thanks a lot🙏, hopefully the person who has booked the seat doesn't come

Girl: Let's hope( Smiling)

Old Man: ( After some time) Aren't you tired?

Girl: No Uncle

Old Man : How many more hours for your stop

Girl: Another 5 hours

Old Man : Oh, please tell me when you are tired l will get up

Girl:Sure uncle

As the journey was long most passengers were sleeping on their seats when the ticket collector came.

Ticketcollector: ( To the old man)Ticket please

Old Man: l don't have a ticket

Ticket collector :( To the Girl) Ticket please

Girl: Here( She quietly showed the ticket which was of the seat on which this old man was sitting since hours)

Ticket collectors: ( to the Girl) you are very kind

There is a seat in another compartment , you can sit there

Girl: Thankyou , sure

Then the girl picks up her crutches and starts walking which astonished everyone in the bus.

The story ends with the message

" The real kindness is when you are ready to give up something that you need yourself"

I loved every bit of this story and felt obliged to share it🙂🙏🙂

By Vaishali Jog

Fletcherism Coach and Thought Leader

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We Organized a Webinar on 8 th September to spread awareness on this #worldphysiotherpyday on the subject " The role of physiotherapists and rehabilitation in the treatment and management of people affected by Long COVID " on Janitri's Platform.

  • Dr.Apurba Kr. Borah , HOD, NH Guwahati

  • Mr Bijoy MG ,M D,Unarv Telemedicine

  • Dr Pallabi Goswami (PT)Principal ,PEWS Group of Institutions

  • Ms. Rumi Borah , Janitri Team

  • Dr.Shakti Mishra (PT),Janitri Team

World Physiotherapy Day is marked as an historical event to celebrate the importance of Physical Therapy in the society.

Physiotherapists work as a backbone for the people and community as a whole to help them in difficult times. Physiotherapists have contributed in saving lives of many covid patients during this pandemic situation.

Techniques like -

*Chest physiotherapy

*Cardiopulmonary assessments

*Teleconsultations are used by physiotherapists to improve the condition of the covid patients .

Some home based exercises like

 Blowing of candle and balloon,

 Posture correction by using any stick or rod

 Simple breathing exercises like wall support with inhalation and exhalation techniques

 Can be used for home quarantine patients.

 Mobility exercises like shoulder rotation, active movements of all joints can be performed.

 Postural drainage techniques by using pillows can be done by the home quarantine patients.

Some important toolkits by physiotherapists for the patients-

*Oxymeter ( to check the oxygen level)

* spirometer ( to improve Lung capacity n endurance)

* Therabands ( to improve muscle strength during recovery phase)

* weight cuffs ( for resistive exercises)

Rehabilitation to Telerehabilitation – Bijoy MG (Unarv Telemedicine)

Its now time for a paradigm shift from Rehabilitation to Tele Rehabilitation. Telemedicine started in India around two decades ago. ISRO introduced Telemedicine across India by providing Sattelite connectivity and Hardware with Software connected medical devices.For the promotion and research support Telemedicine Society of India also formed .

In this Pandemic all the systems were at a frozen stage then Telemedicine started working as a protection shield for the patients and Healthcare providers. Patients benefitted by availing Healthcare from the comfort of sitting at home.

Rehabilitation services at a minimal level started using the possibilities of Telemedicine. Many Online awareness programs took place, Also basic Online Physiotherapy consultations took place ,which was really prevented the spreaRehabilitation d of covid and also helpful for the patient and Physiotherapist. Online Speech therapy education sessions for the school children found to be very effective.

How do we start a Telerehabilitation services ? With a basic smart phone / a computer with webcam with Internet connection can be used for Telerehabilitation services

Advancements like AI integrated Apps embedded with videoconference for the home physiotherapy needs is a revolutionary concept which has got the future ..

For refference


Lamiaa A. Elrefaei1, 2, Bshaer Azan1, Sameera Hakami1, Safiah Melebari1 1Computer Science Department, Faculty of Computing and Information Technology, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

2Electrical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering at Shoubra, Benha University, Cairo, Egypt


Janitri has successfully conducted the webinar on World Physiotherapy Day to spread awareness about the profession and its implications on every life

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When we talk about mother’s health, a lot of factors, both extrinsic and intrinsic, are there which affect them. When we take mothers as a whole community and not just the conventional mothers, we could identify some common factors, which we are going to discuss in broad headings of:

1. Nutrition

2. Sexual health

3. Pregnancy

4. Lactation

5. Mental health

Spiritual health

Hi Dear lovely mothers, I hope you all are keeping well. I am a mother of three kids and a working woman too. I am a doctor by profession. So today through Janitri, I thought of sharing with you all about mother’s health, the knowledge I have gain all along my journey to motherhood. Some are personal, some scientific, some from friends and some from my patients.

When we talk about mother’s health, a lot of factors, both extrinsic and intrinsic, are there which affect them. When we take mothers as a whole community and not just the conventional mothers, we could identify some common factors, which we are going to discuss in broad headings of:

1. Nutrition

2. Sexual health

3. Pregnancy

4. Lactation

5. Mental health

6. Spiritual health


The nutrition of mother is not only limited to her diet after childbirth and lactation period. It goes back way behind, to the time she had plan to have a baby. A would-be-mother has to prime herself with good nutrition even before conception of her child. This is because her body will be shared by the growing embryo in her womb. As the embryo developed into a fetus, it extracts its nutrition and other needs from the body of the mother. Thus the pre-pregnancy period plays a crucial role for the health of a pregnant woman. It also prevents a lot of minor illnesses during pregnancy like, anaemia, joint pain, pica, skin dryness, nausea etc. Diet rich in protein, carbohydrates, iron, calcium and vitamins should be taken by expectant mothers.


It also plays an important role in a mother’s health. Healthy sexual practices boost a would-be-mother confidence. So what are healthy sexual practices? Well to start with, adopting a single sexual partner by both the woman and her partner so as to avoid STDs and other diseases. It is alarming, as to how these diseases can cause conception failure and miscarriages. Many women may sometimes lose confidence to bear children and eventually may end up infertile. Though we have to keep in mind there are a lot of other causes for infertility.

Personal hygiene should be practice by both partners before and after copulation. Genitals hygiene like proper washing of the private parts, fresh underwears etc. should be maintained. Avoid having sex with full bladder for woman, as it may cause urine retention and later infection leading to recurrent UTI and cystitis. After-sex hygiene should be followed regularly by washing the private parts with water or mild soap. Avoid having sex during menstruation.

Sex during pregnancy can continue except during the early stage (first trimester) and very late stage, that is, beyond eight months.

A healthy sex life can keep couples lively and steady. This will enable them to build a strong and harmonious family.


It is a life changing phenomenon for a woman affecting physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. All women irrespective of class and their preparedness to embrace motherhood, almost feels the same way at the first realization of her conception. There is joy and fear! Beyond that each woman tries to rationalize to face the consequences of carrying the baby to term and give birth. But whatever her decision pregnancy will surely impact her health. A mother carries a great responsibility for herself and the baby in her womb. The bonds begin there!

It is aged old saying that pregnant mothers need a lot of good food and rest. But this is seldom true for working mother. Irregularly timed eating, incomplete diet, improper rest all affect a working mother’s health. This can lead to anaemia and easy fatigability. This in turn will affect the growth and development of the fetus inside her womb. Inadequate water intake can lead to dehydration, skin dryness and even urinary tract infection (UTI).

Antenatal check-up and tetanus vaccination is a must for all pregnant women. Antenatal advice should be followed as far as possible. Sometimes due to a lot of physiological changes and stress during pregnancy, many latent disease may be unmasked into frank diseases like mitral stenosis, diabetes, hereditary thrombophilia, glomerulopathies, cardiovascular diseases etc. So any exaggerated feelings and symptoms should not be taken lightly. They should inform their obstetrician. Lack of confidence and confusion due to the physiological and hormonal changes in a mother’s body can lead to depression or pregnancy blues. So it is always good for friends and relatives to talk and encourage expectant mothers.

Abortions and miscarriages can have negative impacts on mothers. No amount of justification and sympathy can make them forget it. Life will go on with scars in their mind. That is the reason why she remembers them even long past the events even in her old age. Repeated abortions or miscarriages can affect her physically due to blood lost leading to anaemia. Retained product of conception may lead to infection and pelvic inflammatory disease(PID). Sometimes a woman can become infertile due to tubal blockage.


It is the purest form of feeding. Breast milk is the most sterile and nutritious feed for a baby provided the mother is healthy and not taking any medication that can affect the baby. It creates bonding between mother and child. During lactation period a mother should have proper diet and should drink enough fluids as she should have enough reserve for herself after feeding the baby. A healthy mother will raise a healthy baby!

Care of the breast during lactation is very important. Breast engorgement can occur due to various reasons like poor latching, pre-mature baby, poor feeding, over production of milk etc. It should be treated immediately by expelling all the retained milk with hot fomentation and manual expression. The baby should be fed on both breasts alternatively to avoid breast engorgement of the unfed side. If not treated early it can lead to mastitis and fever. Poor latching of the baby can also lead to nipple crack which is a painful condition, which in turn may leads to poor feeding (maternal factor) of the baby.

Working mothers and mothers who cannot breast feed can expressed milk in a sterile condition and can refrigerate it for a whole day to feed their babies. Breast milk can be refrigerated for more than 6 months.


A mother goes through vast psychological changes from the time of conception to post delivery. The physiological and hormonal changes, the environment around her, and the stress of childbirth and lactation, and any related morbidities can all have a great impact on her. If a mother does not find support in her family and care givers, it may lead to post partum blues and even psychosis. A woman should be treated with kindness and gentleness during her pregnancy and post pregnancy periods if we want a happy mother!

Rest and sleep is also very important. It will reduce mood swings in a new mother whose circadian cycle is already altered due to lactation.

Post child bearing period, mothers are involved with the welfare of her children and family. Therefore they burden themselves with more than their own problems. The stress for them becomes multiple which result into anxiety, often overlooked by the family members. It is a good practice for family members to give mothers a day off once in a while. It would mean as acknowledgement of their sacrifices and dedication.

Mothers should be allowed time for herself and outings once a week, apart from her daily chores and works. She should take personal care of herself and groom herself as much as she can. This will give her confidence and inner joy. A confident woman can take better care of her family and work.


It is also an important aspect of women. Most mothers are true spiritual leaders in that they inculcate their children and families in their own faith and beliefs. They mould their families in their ideologies. Thus mothers have a great responsibility for their own spiritual correctness and strength in order to impart them to their children. This in turn will help in the growth of a better society.

In the end, much as I would like to discuss more under each headings above, it is not possible to do so. Each heading is a vast topic in itself. I have consciously left out personal care and fitness, as these are usually more often discussed under various women fitness programs and articles. I hope you all have learned something today. Do share it with your friends and love ones, so that we can build a healthy and a happy mother’s community. Let everyday be a Happy Mother’s Day. Keep your head high and keep smiling.

Dr.Irine Beypi


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